Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Lesson most thoroughly learned:

~Do not commit to projects when I cannot, in a pinch, do it entirely myself

~Do not confuse intelligence with discipline

~Do not confuse common sense with intelligence

~Never fail to appreciate the people who come through for me

~Do not listen to talk shows while working. Disgust in human stupidity makes me less motivated, not more.

In other news, got some PA work up, dug through submissions, making LOTS of magnets and stickers for urgent print service order, coding EMG-Zine and juggling emails.

Vet appointment this afternoon, gaming and nephew ferrying. Have to do some (rather complex) artwork from scratch that someone else was supposed to do that I was supposed to have printed and mailed on Friday.

*faceplant on keyboard*
Tags: argh, emg, emg-zine, lists
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