Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Finished up a box of stuff for INATS and got it off to the post office, though I didn't have bookmarks or business cards, so I'll have to send another little package express. Maybe. Not sure it will be worth it just for those things. Might send it priority on Monday and hope for the best.

Paid for license.

Finished another article for EMG-Zine that I may publish in February 'cause it looks like two writers bailed on me. No, four, but two of them were only for a compiled bit. Still have to compile the bits I do have. I was holding out hope! Ho hum!

Wrote the State of the Site address and posted it to my artists.

My headache went away last night, but I must go eat now because I had no IDEA it was almost 2:30. Sheesh!

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