Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Got through the esses in artistpay. I feel a little sorry for folks later in the alphabet, not only because they get paid a little later, but also because I get a little sloppier further down my list. I start out with lots of cheerful chitchat and howdedo, but towards the end of artistpay I get grumpier and grumpier, and my notes get shorter and less friendly. Not hostile, of course, but *definitely* less chatty. More 'here's your money' and less 'how's your day...'

As a note, there is a limit to how much followup I do... if it's been two years since you submitted work, and you haven't replied to any emails, I do cross you off my list. Not that you couldn't re-submit, but there's only so much chasing down I'll do. And if you haven't heard back from me, that's not a rejection. I send rejections - no one who submits should ever be wondering what's up. Probably an email got lost. I was cleaning up folders in my inbox, and I think I've deleted more no-show-artists than added new this submission period. So far, anyway. Not a bad thing, really, though some of them were very talented.

Okay, must get food. Foooood!

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