Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I win! I win!!

I got the login for EMG-Zine to work - I'm using cookies, not sessions, because I've witnessed what a hassle sessions can be with IE and Safari, and I want to start simple. Grossly simple. All it does so far is set a cookie, call you by your login name and thank you for logging in and/or prompt you to register and/or login. The archives protection will be done by semi-manual htaccess protection for this month. LATER, when I'm getting better at this coding stuff, it will recognize subscribers and allow *selected* access to different stuff. For now, gross coding with a club. Oh well. I THINK I can figure out how to allow selected access for only folks who are logged in to get to the desktops page.

For now, I WIN! And I'm stopping while ahead.

Here, go play with it if you're bored: http://www.emg-zine.com/registertest.php

(Hmm... it seems to want me to login twice before it *shows* me I'm logged in. Weird. But will tackle that later...)

Got artists paid through the Rs, about ready to tackle the Ss. Dealing with changes to a big major print order - nothing too difficult, just a change of paperstock.

*squeals!!* And I have plushie love... http://uneide.livejournal.com/99555.html?#cutid1 (photo intensive)

Downloading high-res files for all the new artwork I've accepted. I've been mostly - okay not really - keeping up with the submission load. About 70 to go through right now.

Emails out the wazoo to answer!

And it's 29 below zero here - Matt said it was 50 below down where he and Jennie live. I'm impressed by our house - the only window that frosts only frosts if we leave the curtain closed. No cold drafts, not even by the door. I've got the woodstove cranked up now, but we let the fire stay out last night and our monitor kept the house plenty warm. We did good.

I win!

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