Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Still no complaining...

Got pay through the Ls done.

Darn long alphabet...

Ordered ink, too, which wasn't on my list, and paid my CC and printed stuff until I ran out of ink. (Which prompted the ordering of said ink) Also, I gotta plug these guys again: http://www.wholesaletoners.com - fabulous service. I talk to a REAL person, get good prices, and I will have my ink by Wednesday. Also finished laying out the new Fishbowl Fantasies cover, and got barcodes for all the Wish3 volumes. Wrote 20-30 emails, which is not enough to keep up with inflow. >.< And got through a few submissions.

MUST finish package for INATS. And I have two orders that need mailing tomorrow. Gaming starts back up tomorrow, too!

Must fly!

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