Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

No complaining today!

You saw the subject! No complaining today!

I actually did have a fairly nice weekend. I was very, very grumpy yesterday, but stole some arttime and got my sci fi TV fix - after being sure I wouldn't because of football. :)

I did 3 ACEO cards - one of them will be painted, the others will probably remain in pencil. They're so tiny! But fun!

I also had Jennie and Melody over Sat evening, and made homemade pizza and brownies and we played bootleggers and had a great time!

Also, I'm getting a harp.

This is pretty monumental for me - I've wanted a harp since I was 11. I've taken some lessons, and can play from sheet music (though it's been a while, so I will undoubtedly have to build my calluses back up). I've asked for a harp every year for every Christmas and every birthday. Sort of jokingly, since they're rather expensive. But Joleen is selling hers! And my parents are going to be in her area this fall, so I wouldn't have to ship it! When I first mentioned it to Jake, his qualm was : UPS will break it and you will cry - which is true on both points. This neatly solves the problem, we can afford it... so I'm getting a harp!!! Of course, now I have to wait until October or November to actually GET it, but oh well. I've been patient this long.

My birdfeeder is fixed now, too! I haven't hung it up, but it is full of food and sitting on the log pile. It's very, very pretty - all dragonflies, stained glass and stamped copper. I am a girl, and pretty makes me happy. So there.

God help me, I'm considering getting another printer. The three-in-one that I used for paperwork and scanning is nearing the end of its useful life, and I'm thinking seriously of replacing it with a three-in-one color laser. I think it would make nicer stationery than what I print now, it *can't* cost more in ink, and frankly, the things are getting cheap. I'd like to send invoices that had a little splash of color and were laser printed, too - the inkjet looks nice, but it's not waterproof. It's also slow.

Must get back to work now!

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