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To Do this week:

Finish artists pay (nearly through Gs)
Make sure Ciri has all the files I have for proofing for emg-zine
Finish coding EMG-Zine. Registration works, nothing else does.
Keepers of the Forest
Robin's coloring book
Reprint Fishbowl Fantasies coloring book - one entry to the coloring contest. Automatic winner! (Fortunately, it's darn cute) - high priority, get a lot of requests for this
Compile Gothic coloring book
update clearance page - not critical
PAY for WA space - VERY priority
PAY for license - VERY priority
Take Norway for walks everyday
send stuff for INATS East - very time critical now!
Art (hopefully) for EMG-Zine March
Finish chainmail commission and mail
Rough sketch on Rell commission
Finish final sketch on Dragon-elf commission
Post new PA work, get new PA members set up
Emails. (Inbox is over 200 again... *cries*)
Melissa's invitations - need to do new art for it, print them, and print bookmarks to accompany. VERY priority.
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