Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Next up, food.

I can't believe how many people are surprised to be getting VoA royalties. When I say I'm going to pay royalties, by god, I pay royalties. If I say I'm going to print a tarot deck, by god, I do. Even if it takes 5 years and I cut them out by hand. Of COURSE I'm going to pay out the royalties I owe! Sure, I didn't make myself rich, but I sold all the books at the price I needed to to pay the royalties I promised. And I think I made an extra dime and a nickel on each one, no less. And hey, I got royalties, too. I'm a greedy artist who wants to work for a fair, paying, company way before I'm a greedy corporate giant. See, what I REALLY want EMG to be is a place that I can make a living as an artist, drawing what I want to. I like making stuff, but I would LOVE to get this sucker to the point of hiring someone else to answer my emails and fill orders. (Though I'd still do inspection... and the sticky emails... and the dreaming up of new crazy projects...)

I'm STARVING, so I'm done for the day and will now go eat. :)

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