Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh yeah.

I LIKE being a step ahead of the forum spammers. A robot hit the site about an hour ago - I could watch it from the admin panel trying to post messages in all the public forums as a guest. HAH. I have foiled you, evil spambots! I also set all registrations as admin-approved only, so they have no chance of even getting an account. Just try to take me on, you slimy bastards. I double-dog dare you.

Got through all the VOA royalties except one 'cause I can't find her email. (Excluding those who are also EMG members, except for a few cases...) Two bouncebacks - anyone have contact information for Shelly Walker or Amanda Pearl Robison? I will look around for more current emails. This gets THAT hairy payment hassle out of the way. I should get through the Ds or Es tomorrow for regular EMG pay. I have GOT to get a better system for doing this. Monkeys, maybe.

Now, I must go do nephew ferrying, and work on orders. And get a pile of stuff to transfer up to EMG. There may be order delays while the printer is being moved. :) Sooooooooon!

Oh! And last night, I made homemade sourdough pizza. WOW and YUM. Good stuff. Must do that more often - it wasn't that hard, it was delicious, and it is much cheaper than (good) frozen pizzas.

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