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Well, I've been meaning to write these down for some time; Ciri's example and various recent discussions have prompted me to do so.

2 Years:
-Be married (to Jake, of course)
-Have our house built to livable standards (probably no finishes inside)! Hopefully out-of-pocket, or have the debt paid off by then.
-Cut back on the day-job to 2 or 3 days a week, work on EMG and art the rest of the week.
-Get a raise. A good raise. Or a better-paying job. Because I'm worth it.
-Get a puppy.

5 year:
-Have a studio built.
-Have the house finished, with porch/entry addition, a garden, finished walls, curtains, cabinets with doors, that kind of stuff.
-Take a 'big' vacation; Australia maybe? South Pacific? I could handle a cruise.
-With luck, have no day job, just art and EMG.
-Have a second vehicle, probably a plow truck.

10 year:
-Kids? Well, that's a maybe.
-Definitely no day job. But plenty of income from art and EMG, probably some major systems upgrades.
-Have at least 2 books published (probably childrens books).
-Sadly, Macs will probably be dead by then, so get a new cat.
-Have land debt and student loans paid off.

20 year:
-Have the second house built, renting the first.
-Expand studio (if needed)
-Have taken at least 2 more big vacations. (I *like* to travel)
-Have an employee for EMG so that I can take guilt-free time off. Hopefully it will be big enough then to need an employee anyway.
-Have a couple of more books published.
-Spend one year travelling to the major Cons and Ren Faires.

I can't wait for the rest of my life!!!

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