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Ellen Million


Clearbags hosed up my order pretty well - they send foam board instead of backer board... which would have made me complain bitterly except that I checked the prices (and verified that it was acid-free) and I made out like a king. And a check showed that they fit nicely into the bags that I order... so no real whining here! :P They also gave me double the boxes I ordered. Again, no serious objection.

Layla!! I hope your signing went well!! I didn't make it into town that late in the evening (and besides, I already have signed copies. *Grin*) The rest of you must check out her webcomics and buy her books - I just finished the first volume of Raven's Children, and it is FABULOUS. Very gritty and intriguing. I loved the in-depth world fleshing stuff in the back. (And the character reference - I'm a dope with names in real life, that's ALWAYS what I have trouble following in graphic novels.) http://www.laylalawlor.com/

Kate!! I loved the watercolor you sent. I am in envy of your control of the medium and want to throw all of mine out in disgust now. So lovely. :)

And I didn't really mean to make anyone feel (too) guilty with my last post. I know it's been a crazy time of year and all, and was only feeling gripe-y and insecure. It passes.

You'd better submit for next month, though. Darn it. (Muuuust finalized more themes in advance! I hope to post 'em for the remainder of the year this weekend.)

Ooo... wonder what the story behind this is: http://www.saveloomis.org/

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