Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel like I'm second guessing everything right now, and it's really slowing me down. I keep doubting myself - did I spend my time on the right things last year? Am I going to make all the same mistakes again? Am I being too lenient? Am I being too hardass? Is that LJpost/email/forumpost I just made stupid or conceited sounding? Is everyone SICK of my projects yet? Why didn't more people submit to the gallery for EMG-Zine February? Comeon... an easy theme like romance, and only EIGHT of you could find something to submit? /whine

Been doing ACEOs lately - nothing to write home about, mostly quick scribbly stuff to get ye olde juices going. My new punch is still awesome - definitely the best thing I spent money on in the last six months. April, I still need to get with you about the watercolor paper! I should run off and do my research for that now...

Fiddled more with the login script, haven't solved it yet.

Fiddled more with Artistspay, still haven't found that *stupid* missing invoice. Got all the PA pay calculated up. Still need to resolve the several PA pieces that got invoiced and make sure I don't double-pay any of the adoptions that got entered into my tracking program. It's so WEIRD with half of stuff in the tracking system and half not. I have to double-check EVERYTHING.

Office is a disaster! Need to clean in a bad way. Took a load of trash to the dump today, and have a big box of stuff (mostly small stickers and magnets) to add to the clearance page. Plus lots of old paperwork to sort. Ugh.

I've gotten back into the habit of religiously doing art each day - funny thing is, art is the only thing that actually pays me right now - and yet it feels the least like work, so it's the hardest to make myself do each day. But, I need to get in the habit of starting out with artwork right up front and doing a few hours on it before I dive into coding and other stuff that eats up time and feels like work. Got that chainmail piece almost painted, and the dragons and elf piece nearly finished in the final sketch phase. (Plan to ink it, haven't decided how to color it yet...) Got some thumbnail sketches finished to show to a commissionee. Haven't heard back from the commissionee I sent work to yesterday - won't be adding color until I get the rest of the payment.

Things I need to do next week:

Finish artists pay
Make sure ciri has all the files I have for proofing for emg-zine
Keepers of the Forest
Robin's coloring book
Reprint Fishbowl Fantasies coloring book
Compile Gothic coloring book
update clearance page
PAY for WA space
PAY for license
Take Norway for walks everyday
send stuff for INATS East.
Probably other stuff I'm forgetting right now.

Also, I am feeling the itch to jump on the bandwagon and design a batgirl. Yes, yes indeed....
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