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Frustrating! Got the login at EMG-Zine to set the cookie correctly... and that's it. For some reason, it's not setting the visit date, or loading the rest of the header once the login is set (you can see a sneak preview at the register page I posted previously...). It's probably something stupid and small, but I've run out of time right now to work on it. Lots of other stuff to do, still, and I've spent a few hours doing what I've done. PHP is awfully interesting stuff.

Checked my hosting stats today - I have 1342 Gigs of bandwidth to my account. That's a lot. So far this month, I've used 3.2. It's nice to know I could handle more traffic if I got it. (Except for that stupid CPU cap... not sure what that would do - mostly seems like the old GM sites use that, so maybe the traffic to the new EMG storefront would be okay. PA may become a problem in its current state. PA *IS* a problem in its current state, but for lots of reasons other than that.)

Plugging away at my inbox, and at artistpay, too. Didn't find one stupid (but significant) receipt I need to get it finished, but I can get everything else finished up today. I think. I plan to count all Atlantis books sold at wholesale. I did sell a handful retail, but I also gave away several promo copies at no charge, had to re-send Victoria's books at no cost, and kept a few for myself. So my generalization comes out in the artists' favor - I don't think anyone will object. Will you? (Seeing as half the cast of that book reads this journal...)

Got some more PA work to put up. Yay!

That was random.

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