Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sick = post whore...

Actually, I'm feeling almost normal right now. Just achey.

Got some art done, plan to go do more in a bit. Got a couple of the static pages for the new PA site done, and eyeballed the code hoping some of it would stick in my brain. Fixed the menus at both PA and EMG. Got some SDs up at PA - need to poke the minions into getting me more images so I can put more up. I just need to do some member artists pages at the new site, and the menu will be functional. Mostly. Submitted descriptions are weird and will require more than I know how to do right now.

Cleaned up my filing cabinets (got the hangers yesterday) and rearranged some files. Have some stuff ready for cold storage - waaaaay old contracts, mostly. Don't feel comfortable tossing them, but really don't need them anymore.

Going to go make dinner and watch a chick flick - Jake comes home late-ish tonight, so I have just enough time.

Utterly useless post. But hey, isn't that what LJ's all about?

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