Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

This post promises to be no less rambly than the last...

Still feeling under-the-weatherly, but better than I was before lunch. The headache has mostly subsided.

I finished up an article for EMG-Zine - still need to work on compiling up some stuff to send out for proofing. And oh, crap, tomorrow's Friday already. I'm so not ready to open submissions to EMG. *sigh*

Giving some thought to the forum organization over there, too. Do folks find it offputting that there are private forums for folks who have contracts on file? Personally, I find it okay - it's a business forum, not a general chit-chat forum, and the private parts are there for a reason - particularly in the case of PA. But I wonder if customers find that weird? Maybe they should be all private? I think that would be weirder. I need to do some major reorganization - there are too many duplicates now that the PA merged with the general EMG, and some of it's got to go. I have enough trouble keeping track of things without two or more questions and problems forums to check.

Got some PA work done, and I'm about to go visit the friendly outhouse and then sit down with some artwork. Real artwork! I haven't done any in DAYS and it's starting to feel weird. Really weird. MUST ART... (*smashes around Godzellen style...*)

Haven't seen King Kong yet, but I really want to! I loved the hokey original version. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cheese and high drama*.

Off to do art.

*In cinema and recreational reading only, please. No need for RL high drama. A little whining now and again fills that need JUST fine.

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