Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm ready to feel better. Hello?

Stupid cold. *mutters*

Several things stewing about in my head today...

Got most of yesterday's list done, except a chapter of php. My initial look at the coding says that this won't be too bad. The book I got is very thorough, and I suspect I'll pick it up quickly.

I also bought a very girly shirt off the clearance rack at Freddy's yesterday. It was only $12 and the sleeves are long enough, so it's a deal! And SO fuzzy! I may go back and get the green one in the same size... if it's still there tomorrow maybe. Leaning towards NOT going into town today. *sniffle*

I've been thinking buckets about a shared world anthology project, but I KNOW I don't need another one.

I haven't gotten a commission statement for the cross stitch designs I licensed out since June. *grump* And I'm not entirely sure I got PAID in June. I will have to check. *checks* Nope, time for prodding letter. Not impressed with this company yet.

And I'm not sure I made a point of this yet, but EMG-Zine is not meant to be any kind of a thumbing of the nose at Epitome - it just moved to that non-monthly format, and I LIKED the monthly format. I want... well, like Amy was saying... a place to come and spend an hour or two every month, kick back, and *enjoy*. Maybe learn something, be entertained, have a variety of new stuff to explore. Not just an article randomly posted once in a while. Plus, the ads do grate on me. Different venues, really.

I've gotten the most beautiful cards this year! I want to thank you guys so much! Mary, Wendy, Deana (popcorn!!! Horrah! Thank you!), Deb, Nicole, Kelly, Pete, Kathy, Jen, April, Heather, Syl, Selina, Carrie, Robin... *huge hugs* Thank you! They *really* brightened my holiday season. :) (If I missed anyone, holler... I sure didn't mean to)

Oh, and I got the funniest question through my contact form: are you products union printed?

I am SO tempted to answer: The elves haven't organized yet. Or maybe:Yes. The EMG Union of Artists local chapter 97, of which I am the only member, prints all of these products.

Of course, it's a pretty crappy union, seeing as I get no benefits and the lousiest pay imaginable!

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