Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday that isn't...

I feel like warmed-over crap.

So my to-do list for the day is fairly minor:

~Artistpay for the fair. (1 step in the 7 billion necessary for artist pay, but it will be a start)
~Put EMG-Zine on the main EMG page</strike>
~Plug EMG-Zine at elfwood plugs, Epilogue forums, FAE forums, elsewhere?
~Get mail
~Mail Deb's package and my 'christmas' cards
~Read 1 chapter of PHP book
~Gaming (unless I start feeling worse)
~Get files and t-shirts for printing tomorrow. (Heatpress and transfer paper are already moved to new studio!)
~Get one more box of crap from the old studio to the new.
~Buy extension cord and printer cable and hanging file frames.
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