Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I was feeling tremendously beat up by my holiday season, but am definitely on the upswing now. Which is good, 'cause I got an e-zine to code in four days.* I need all the energy I can spare!

No scoop on Christmas eve, 'cause it was very depressing and I've made up my mind not to gripe too much. Christmas was lovely - Jennie and Jake and I went to my parents' for breakfast and some presents, and then came back to the house to meet up with Matt, play games, watch football and eat tremendous amounts of food. Mmm... food. I got cool loot - a fuzzy vest, a fuzzier shirt, the LotR extended editions (Jennie and I watched RotK until 2 AM last night. :)), a Dr Suess book, real artists watercolors that I'm dying to try out (four colors), a coffee bean candle, lotion... um... $30 to Lemongrass (our FAVORITE restaraunt), two orders of Harry and David's fruit (you have to appreciate how abysmal our fruit is, and then compare that to a tropical basket of amazing real, ripe fruit to get the full impact of that gift!)... and probably other stuff that I'm forgetting. I must also compile together a thank you list for the goodies I've received in the mail, too - you guys are so sweet and generous and wonderful! Such beautiful cards and great treats! I got Jake a fancy weather station - he's enthralled with it, and has spent hours getting all the sensors calibrated. He even built a big stand out of leftover abs pipe parts to mount the outdoor bits on.

The day after Christmas was largely spent cleaning up after the cat, who decided to get constipation, then puke in every room of the house, followed by crapping on my clothes. Argh. She's usually so good... I guess my constipation remedy worked a little too well.

Tuesday, I did running around - found out I bounced a check (auto-withdrew funds from savings, fortunatly) hours before my paypal transfer went through to refresh funds. DOH! Went to Walmart to get Jennie kitty stuff, and picked out the kitty litter with the hole in the bottom. WHich of course I didn't disover until I had tracked the stuff all over the store and lifted the container onto the conveyer, at which point I realized there was kitty litter EVERYWHERE. Argh. Saw Jennie in Walmart, but fortunately, she wasn't nosy about the fact that I had a cat litter box in my cart and everything else was in bags. :P So she's ready when that perfect cat finds her now.

Tried to return the blown up construction lights at Home Depot, but they no longer stock the same model, so they couldn't replace them. ARGH! I need lights! I'm going to go stark raving mad.

I also found (thanks to the crappy light in my studio) that the custom printing order I had 'finished' needs to be reprinted - 150 cards with minor, teensy imperfections that were just too much to be on someone's wedding invitations. I'm doing that now. And coding EMG-Zine. Oy!

*You may be getting tired of me nagging, so I'll just stick this in a postscript - the deadline for the February issue of EMG-Zine is the 1st, and I'm slim on work for it. Please don't make me fill in all the gaps myself... it feels narcissistic and would be boring. The theme is romance, new guidelines are here: http://www.emg-zine.com/guidelines.html

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