Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I never want to shop again.

Oh man! What a brutal shopping experience. I still have nothing for Jennie - I had the Perfect Gift, then found out yesterday she already has it. Doh! Darn you, Jennie... Everyone else has at least SOMETHING, if not a Spectacular, Memorable, Perfect, Wonderful Gift.

Seems like it took all day. Oh wait, it did.

And OH, am I an idiot.

For like a month now, I've been scavenging white envelopes out of pre-packaged card sets leftover from the fair (etc) and meaning and meaning to order more. So, yesterday, I finally get around to ordering more - 2500 to make my minimum order quantity with the company I use. I had a big order to fill, and they won't be here until January, so I was all prepared to go buy them retail (office supply retail, which doesn't suck too badly) to fill the order. I'm looking at one of my storage boxes stacked up in a corner, thinking to myself, that looks like a box of envelopes. It can't possibly be WHITE envelopes. I surely would have noticed them ONCE in the last month. Right? Oh no. Color me Ms Unobservant of the Year. So now I have 1000 envelopes, and 2500 more on the way. Oh well. They can freeze, so I can store 'em in the connex box. And at least I noticed BEFORE I went out and bought them retail to fill this order.

Finished a painting this morning, will scan eventually.

Inking another.

Still want to start the piece for my sister and nephews. Doubt it will be finished by Christmas.

Some stupid competitive part of me wants to be able to point to 52 finished pieces by the end of next week - It whispers and teases that I ought to be able to crank out 1 per week in a year where I'm supposedly a freelance artist! Shut up, stupid competitive part. I did good.

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