Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm sorry I've been so down and mopey and rargh-y about everything. The light starts affecting me this time of year, and I've just been a little down and feeling under fire. I'll pull out of it in no time, don't worry. And thanks for all the hugs and support. I've been sucky at commenting back.

The latest in the Print Pelican saga is this - they FINALLY credited me, but $100 short. *facepalm* I asked them to check their records, please.

The latest in the Dreamhost saga - resources files show perfectly normal use - except for a few gm.cgi jumps. I've disabled ALL gm.cgi files except the upload site to see if that's the problem. (And honestly, it could be - the sucker has over 1700 entries, and probably 200 users) No resource logs for the adoption site, so I'm going to un-freeze all that stuff and see if they holler (that site's technically under another user anyhow, I *think*). I'll probably also do a clean sweep of the upload site and re-do it from greymatter scratch. It won't take THAT long. Maybe a few hours. I'll have to set up the users again, I think, though MAYBE I can retain those files. *hopes* It'd be AWFULLY helpful if the resource logs showed folders, seeing as I do have like seventeen seats of greymatter running at various places on my site, and just saying gm.cgi is as useful as saying 'fish.'

Oh boy, 'Jesus' just filled out my EMG contact form... okaaaay...

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