Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Dreamhost is seriously pissing me off. They have just connected me with CSR #3, who says that they have just (today) lowered their CPU limit. LOWERED. I'm getting the autowarnings again, with a half-disabled site, and they chide me to check my resources folder - which woops! They just turned on and might show up tomorrow, they're not sure what went wrong there - and then lower my useage. Please. I need a smiley with an AXE in it's head here.

Got some Christmas shopping done, which was actually nice, though it leaves me feeling a little poor. I calculate things based on commissions now... I could get that for Jake - that's about six face-only commissions. Oo, I could get that for Mom, that would be worth a full-figure color piece. I could get that for Dad if I got three sketchy commissions... Fortunately I have a rich sugar daddy husband. (Okay, far FROM, but he's supplied Christmas family shopping money. And food. And gas for my car.)

So not feeling the Christmas spirit. I hope we get to blow something up at gaming tonight. I hope I'm not mis-remembering that we HAVE gaming tonight... I think we're off next week for a while.

I'm going to go shower and make up naughty new lyrics to Christmas songs in my head. Probably that deal with Dreamhost and cookies with arsenic.

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