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Dreamhost wrote back - or rather, the very kind Ralph at Dreamhost wrote back... he'd given me his personal email after the last fiasco, and he remembers my nightmare and said he'd help me out and that I shouldn't have to deal with the same problems again.

I've been backing up the site in a frenzy anyway. I've actually gotten religious about backing up EMG, but hadn't done so with PA in a good while. Most of it except the claim site is done now, and we're down to Leonie there...

Back hurts, dog ate the canoe seat, cat knew I was upset and was very clingy and insisted on LAP most of the day, and I feel exhausted and beat up and let down and stressed out. Suprise!

Made a list of things I'd gotten done this year while running the printer and the site backups. It's... extensive.

Artwork finished:

Uncovering Atlantis – 11 x 14, ink and watercolor
“Becky” - PA digital piece
Kitty Girl – PA general piece, claimed but not paid for, pencil with digital color
Guy with Critter – PA general piece, pencil
Faerie Festival – 8.5 x 14, ink – for contest, didn't win.
Bragi-Idunn – 11 x 14, ink and watercolor
8 of Swords – digital for RWH tarot
Kaz portrait winner thingy, Wyl – digital small
Angles – 12 x 18 will be watercolor, pencil right now
Falcongirl – PA general, pencil
Zenfinda commission – 9 x 12 pencil
Brenna – PA piece, not adopted, digital
Leonie – PA piece, not adopted, 11 x 14 ink and watercolor
Angel – designed for Masterstouch – 6 x 8 ink
Bellydancing Moose – cover for bellydancing book – 9 x 12 ink with digital color
Salacia – PA SD, adopted, digital
Sundima – PA SD, adopted, digital over pencil
ACEOs – Have done 8?? Sent some off as gifts, auctioned off two of them.
Viridian – PA general, but mostly for fun and color – 11 x 14 watercolor on GOOD paper!
Resla and Varla – indulgent fanart
Resla on the Pier - more indulgent fanart, 8.5 x 11 pencil
Destinies - for Arthurian show, 9 x 12 ink.
Phoenix art that I hate – 4 x 9 watercolor
Splash and Kuri – shaded pencils, 9 x 12
Custom color on PA piece of elfgirl on grassy lump thing – original was pencil, digital color, 8 x 10.
Custom color of PA piece originally done for Carriane – 5 x 8 ink with digital color
Girl with sparklies – PA general piece (not up yet) – 5 x 8 pencils
Kiris – PA SD piece (not up yet) – 9 x 12 pencils, considering digital color
Swordgirl – PA general, 5 x 8 ink
Pregnant elf chick – PA general, 5 x 8 pencils on colored paper
Hellkat – PA SD not adopted, 11 x 14 pencils
Name Forgotten – PA SD not adopted, dark elf in tree, 9 x 12 pencils
Fairy Crystal – finished this, it was largely started last year. 9 x 12 ink and colored pencils
Mystery dude for Kadanzer – 8 x 10 pencils
Flinstones Resla – yet more indulgent fanart
Polly – nearly finished with this commission – 9 x 12 watercolor and ink
Reyja – PA SD not adopted, pencils 9 x 12
Kedcea - PA SD, not sure if I'll do more on her yet, pencils, 5 x 8
Girl with Bird - PA general, 9 x 12 ink.
Aurora Borealis - Ink and watercolor, 9 x 12, for Fairy Court calendar


Ad for Faerie magazine
Karma game mocked up, but not art-designed yet.
Visions of Atlantis book
Fairy Court calendar
Ursula's calendar
Promo postcard
New businesscards
Dotminatrix coloring book


Press release for PA
29,155 words on Jenny/Bjorn
Most of a short story on Atlantis
Home Again – big bits for G'teris at Kaz
Sunrise – kaz fluff
Borrowed Time and other Long Way Home bits – more for Kaz...
Work for Hire – article at Epitome
God knows how many LJ posts and emails.

Site upkeep

Got PA domain, also tornworld.net, emg-zine.com and emgtarot.com
Commentspam!! :( Much time lost here.
Paying artists
Filling orders
Keeping content fresh on my forums. Or trying to...
Ordered Wish3 from Ken Whitman – disaster!! Had to reorder from bookmobile. Took months to resolve. Like 9 months.
Site failure with loss of backup – down for months, literally. Rebuilt old site from basically scratch to tide over to new site.
Added babydoll shirts, tassels to EMG line
New lilypad! New site! New PA site almost done! New shopping cart nearly integrated now! I can't take all the credit for these, but I did all the EMG QC and some of the work. A little.
Clearance sale
Put up hundreds of designs, then imported most of them to the new site and put up more. Lots more.
Put up lots of PA pieces, between the regular and claim sites.
Dealt with LOTS of customers, many new, some returning.


RWH Tarot!! - 15 decks, laid out, printed, laminated and cut out by HAND. Plus art for several of them.
Started EMG Tarot project.
Started EMG-Zine.
VOA - I put this under design, but all the stuff I did with that that WASN'T design belongs here.


Sink that drains
Studio, from no walls to nearly ready to move in. Includes siding, shelving, tables, desk, more shelving and did I mention shelving? Still need desk surface and that's it.
Closet and wardrobe in bedroom
Siding in Jake's studio, Jake's desk
Painted floor upstairs
Cleaned out connex box and brought filing cabinets inside
Wallcover in bedroom


Gulliver's show
INATS west for Fairy Court
Laser-etched items dabbling
Wholesale to various places around town
Epson broke, replaced with 4000, faulty, replaced AGAIN, got backup 1280, can't run them off the same computer yet...
Father-in-law died.
Nephew died.
Grandmother died.
Fair, new full-sized booth.
Sent artwork into InConJunction – (lost $45)
Tried ebay auctions – bleh. Didn't lose anything, but not at all worth the efforts.
Got a puppy!
Four major holiday bazaars
Cut my hair off and dyed what was left red.
Put all(?) my articles on my page

Looking more in-depth...

Things that took the most time: Visions of Atlantis, Fairy Court calendar, new webpage, Ursula's calendar, RWH tarot, dealing with printers (both of the hardware type and the someone out of state messing up my orders type).

Things that were worth that time: Ursula's calendar. New webpage.

Buuuut, RWH tarot HAD to be done (cause I said I would years ago), dealing with printers may not pay off now, but at least I've got distributors I (mostly) trust and machines that (mostly) work.

Fairy Court in general has paid off not at all. Out several hundred dollars for a return of no orders. Possibly people are just going through to my site to order, but unlikely. If so, they're mostly ordering other folks' work.

Enchanted Artists going poof screwed me for making any money off of VOA, but it was worth the learning experience, and hey, it IS a lovely book. Also, it made me buy ISBNs, which I think will also pay off next year. And maybe the few copies I kept will be worth gold in a few years.

In all, I learned a lot. A LOT.

I feel like I've worked very, very hard, and have a lot of pretty things to show for it, but can't really consider it a success. A lot of things went wrong, some of them horribly wrong. I hope I've worn out my bad luck and next year will be brighter. I'm going to take a little time off between Christmas and New Years - may even disable ordering altogether.

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