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LJ me-me year in review

I'll do a real year in review in a bit here. Maybe today, maybe later.

I got Mals Ecommerce to work with PA!!!! Horray!!! I just need to finagle up some of the little details and PA at least will be able to leave CCNOW in the dust where it belongs.


House is still standing, half-buried in snow drifts. We had to park at the top, snowshoe down to the house, and Jake got the snow-blower out so he could park the truck off the road. Nearly out of light for the day now, and it's not quite done, but it's warm enought we don't have to worry about plugging the truck in, at least.


Wordcount so far: 1100
Favorite line so far: “Great,” she said aloud. “Of all the naked men I could have on my porch, I get an unconscious sumo wrestler.”


My head is just pounding! *wince*
Stupid head.


(I posted in progress shots of 8 of Swords and commented on the April Fool's button at LJ)


April sucked, no doubt. I was sick a lot of the time, or injured, and Bad Stuff just kept on happening. I missed several half-days of work due to car failures, doctors visits, and the like.


(Posted the letter I wrote griping about Ken Whitman's terrible service)


I woke up at 8 and muttered at Jake - "The alarm didn't go off," with tired concern.

But he'd taken the day off and wanted to surprise me. I was too tired to spend much energy being surprised and slept until 11. I needed that!


Horrid sleep last night, mostly because Jake was tossing and turning, but also because I'm getting into that home stretch before the fair, complete with fair nightmares. (Generally involving collapsing tents, derisive laughter, fire, getting there naked and/or without anything to sell...)


I'm not doing anything business-y today, just sitting around absorbing my life. It's gorgeous - the leaves on the trees are all golden, and half on the ground. The rain makes everything smell good. Velcro is happy to have me back, and I've watched more than a disc of animated Batman. :) (Just back from Dragon*Con)


(Subject was:I DID IT! And the subject was the Destinies picture I barely managed to finish for EA. http://www.livejournal.com/users/ellenmillion/456468.html )


I started to get a migraine yesterday afternoon, and it's slowly bloomed overnight. Also, Norway seems to think 6:30 is a great time to get up. ARGH. I may also have slept wrong - my neck is absolutely killing me. Add to that a touch of nauseau (courtesy of the headache) and a general lack of sleep (late night last night, early morning two days running) and I am not on top of my game.


Hey folks! Today is the deadline for January issue EMG-Zine material!!

You may request an extension, if you need one, but I need to know what I've got to work with asap!

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