Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mals, PO, orders etc.

Filling orders. My whole LIFE is filling orders. Gotta get stuff out by Thurs or Friday for Christmas delivery, so that's what I do... spent a soul-sucking time at the post office mailing international stuff, maxed out a credit card yesterday mailing things. Doh!

This morning before coming into town, I set up my mals account and tested a few things. Oh, SWEET. Very nice. Won't need their invoicing system - mine beats it by a long shot, plus monitors and figures artists commissions, tracks costs and maintains a sort-able database of customers, artists and wholesale vendors. MalsE will be rather easy to integrate into my existing sites (something I was downright DREADING with osCommerce), and if there are lulls while printers hum (got two of 'em running at once now!) then I'll be doing just that.

Also took the time to play with new stock yesterday while printers ran - I will have vinyl stickers available in the not-too-distant future! They look awesome, and I rinsed them in water. Really, held something that came straight out of my printer underneath the faucet on full. Stuck great. I'll be able to do bumper stickers. :)

I have more thank yous! And I have to write them down quick, or I'll forget 'cause my head is swiss cheese right now!

Thank you Selina! I got the card, bookmark and sticker. (And have sticker-printing envy... so nice!!) Your work is so sigh-worthy. Lovely stuff.

icepixie sent a card, too - I love it! A gorgeous skating fairy of her own design with braids (I love braids!) and the hand glitter effects are just amazing. So lovely!

aprilvansickle sent a wonderful print of her fluffy winter bird, and a card, and a bookmark of her mermaid piece whose name I have forgotten. That bird is going on my wall to remind me how cold it is outside. He's so cute!

Big hugs! Okay, printer's stopped. Gotta go.

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