Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My letter to the calendar folks...

Dear Tamara or Tanya or Grant or whomever I'm dealing with now,

My job number is 5371.

I received my calendars on friday! Thank you, they do look lovely!

However, I have several complaints that I would like to lodge.

First off, I realize that I'm one of THOSE customers by now. I did not make things as easy as I could have for you. See, you had posted this wonder calendar sale that was going to expire at the end of August. 20% off! How could I resist? So, I signed up for three separate calendars, 100 each. If I had known that your sale was going to show up again to expire at the end of September, I would have simply ordered each calendar as I finished them, and there would have been less confusion. Indeed, that super special sale was suddenly through the end of October. No, November! Wait, look, it goes through the end of December? Are they new, identical sales? Who knows. I certainly would not have wasted your time by ordering all three of the calendars that I needed ahead of time if I'd known that I could have gotten the same deal today.

In October, I cancelled one of the calendars and was told that I would be reimbursed $690. Oh wait, no, it should have been $790, as I reminded the helpful staff. They agreed, it was 'just a typo.'

I HAVE NOT BEEN REIMBURSED YET, for either amount. This is the most grievous of my complaints. Please resolve this issue at once.

But there is more!

When I cancelled the last calendar I had ordered, the files for the calendar that I'd just uploaded (the second calendar) were all deleted. I was told that I should have named my files correctly, as if the loss of the files was my fault. I did name the files correctly, and I can probably find the records of that in my ftp log. I have to admit that I felt scolded for your loss of my files. I re-uploaded the files to your server - about a 6 hour task. There was no apology for the confusion.

I told the folks I was dealing with in several separate emails that I would be providing an Alaskan address to ship the second batch of calendars to. When I spoke with someone on the phone, I told them to ship to my billing address. I did not record the person or date that I told them this, but I do have the emails explaining that there would be a different shipping address. Several times, I told them this information, and discussed any difference in shipping costs.

I received an automatic email five days after I approved the proofs stating that the ship-to address was the same as the first batch of calendars - to California.

I called your office in FL as soon as I got the notice and spoke to a lovely person who assured me that she didn't know anything about anything because the printing plant was in Toronto. "Shall I have them call you?" she offered. I agreed that would be best.

I waited (in direct conflict with my schedule for that day) for several hours for that phone call, and finally received a very terse, unfriendly *email* explaining that I had not emailed an address to them before the shipdate so I was out of luck.

No phonecall, as promised, and certainly not anything resembling an apology for the confusion.

I had to pay an additional $52 and wait an extra three weeks to receive my calendars.

It may occur to you that calendars are a time-sensitive product, particularly at this time of year.

The quality of your calendars is fine, and your perpetual 'ending soon' sale makes your prices very good, but I am understandably displeased by the service I received.

I wish for you to reimburse me for the calendars I did not have printed and the extra shipping that I had to pay at the very least. It is inexcusable that my refund has not been processed yet.

Be well,
Ellen Million

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