Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Holy orders, batman!

Okay, maybe I've been watching too much Batman TAS.

But yikes! Usually I have a page of orders in my !Orders to fill folder in my email. A page is 15 orders. Usually there are a few double-entries... an email along with the actual payment invoice with a few specifications or special requests, or a note about an alternate address or something, and a few long-term emails (remind me when you have this available! I will order in a week... etc). Today, I have SIX pages of orders to fill, most of them single, self-standing orders with no partner emails. *rubs head*

Dat's a lot of orders.

Melody, Mia and Jennie were over last night for some games - we have this awesome game called Bootleggers that is mobsters running liquor during prohibition. Fun stuff. But funniest of all was when poor Mia went out to the outhouse. Jake was just coming home from the hockey game and Norway met him - with a mouth full of a toilet paper roll! That naughty puppy had streaked down to the outhouse before Mia got there, grabbed the roll of toilet paper, and run back. Poor Mia! I brought her a new, unslobbered roll.

I made pizza from scratch. I'd been planning to go into town yesterday and buy some delicious frozen pizzas, but didn't get around to that, so I made dough myself. It was yummy! I still have to do dishes. >.<

Okay, I need some food, and then I have to start printing.

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