Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Printing and emailing and invoicing OH MY. 'Sold' 74 of the 89 available Ursula calendars already, and am still emailing and invoicing on those... have barely been able to keep up with the stuff coming in. Curse you, Ursula - I was down to less than 70 emails this morning!

Also have PA stuff to print and invoice and mail and more t-shirts and more stationery... why am I here? Oh, sanity break. Right. *rubs head*

Will definitely be burning the midnight oil tonight. Jake has hockey tonight - we might get home about the same time.

Also - wish I were on DSL. GOD, dialup sucks.


OOoo... mom just fed me lamb chops, fresh beans, cottage cheese and homemade sourdough toast. Yay for moms! Back to work...

79 85 calendars claimed!

ETA: All sold out!
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