Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Having travelled an extra 4000 miles or so, been delayed months at a time due to lost files and printer miscommunications, and having caused Ellen to lose half of her hair in frustration*:

Ursula's calendars are finally here!!!

There are 105 of them. That's all there will be. Five of them have dinged corners and I will sell in person so they know what they're getting (they will be the last 5 numerically). Ten of them are going to Ursula to sign and sell herself, and all of them will be numbered.

They'll go on sale in about 20 minutes here, I think - you may want to keep your heads up, 'cause I have a sneaking suspicion they'll move pretty darn quickly.

They do not look nearly as bad as I'd feared and dreaded. In fact, I think they look darn good. There are a few things I would definitely do differently, and the vast differences from month to month in the amount of text is a little weird and I had to be creative to smoosh everything in on a couple of pages, and it's not perfect... but they're fun and the colors are good and the paper is nice and the binding is good and the cuts are straight. I consider it a success. My little conclusion thing isn't as stupid as I was sure it would be upon critical re-read.

*To be fair, frustration was only a contributing factor to the hairloss, and most of that was over how much effort it took; the resultant haircut and red dye job have been for the better...

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