Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*rubs head*

Owie. Migraine since last night. Hopefully it will go away.

Right now, I'm planning another day of not going into town - I have some orders that ought to go out, but nothing SOOPER critical, and it's 36 degrees out. 36 degrees = HORRIBLE roads. Plus, my head hurts and I have a LOT to do here. I'll at least be able to print out some of these orders for swift, early mailing tomorrow. There's a package slip at the post office that I saw too late to pick up on Tuesday and I'm sort of dying to know what it is - could be my punch, could be Ursula's calendars, could be...??

Got two PA claim site portraits up before I called it a night last night, and hope to get more up today. Bless his heart, Saber did some more of the image-making, so that's at least taken care of.

Have given the whole submissions/PA/EMG/site stuff careful thought and made some decisions. I'll be posting more on that in great gory detail with blinking caps and such so people don't miss it in with my head whining and Oh so exciting daily plans. Will also post it other places and announce it to the various lists. Need to do so today. Along with bunches of other stuff...

Off to make some oatmeal and get to work.

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