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Remembering why we're doing this.

Had a nice night out at our house last night. We have to work with the generator running fulltime now, because it is dark. We do have a gas lamp, but it isn't quite as bright as the halogen worklights. Got some firealarm boxes in, but forgot the drill batteries, so we only marked where we want the others. Then we cleaned up the drilling and wire mess, and our house looks much better. Had Leftover Salmon on, since the power was on anyway, and danced around and laughed together and had *fun* for the first time in a long time.

We also climbed down into the basement (no stairs down there yet) and played in the gravel and looked at the septic entrance and inspected the footing for cracks from the earthquake (none!).

We're just about ready for inspection, and then it's insulation and sheetrock! Yay! We will be insulating and sheetrocking one corner early, and next Thursday, we get the woodstove installed. Yay! We've been lucky with the unseasonably warm weather so far.

Things have been rocky with Jake... not too bad, mind, but we're both pretty stressed out, and living at mom and dad's has been an exercise in patience.

Jennie sent me a carepackage!! I've listened to this CD so many times that if it'd been a tape, I would have worn it out. :P And she sent artsupplies, which is a Very Good Thing. What's better, I had time the other night to use them!! I suppose I should have been working on my business, but pblt... I needed art time.

More art up at my message board.

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