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Ellen Million

More tough decisions.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth posting to this thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=220543

Ken Whitman is the guy that totally hosed me with the printing of Wish3. Late, late, late, never replied to emails, and then bailed without ANY reply without printing the critical volume 1. I wrote him a very stern letter and deserved the courtesy of a response. Never got one. Would like to keep others from being burned by him. GEN-CON my ass - GEN-CON was in August - he bailed on me in MAY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.

Oh, Wish3 is available at EMG again - as well as in an all-four volumes package. Had to fix a bunch of stuff with the entries today, otherwise they were up yesterday. :)

Tough decision 2:

Submissions for EMG.

The submission code for EMG will not be ready by January. Maybe a 10% chance. Not enough to bank on.

I can:
- keep submissions closed
- run submissions through a group project - I will still have to enter each design manually
- perhaps just have a two-week window and be SUPER selective about what I take.
- run submissions through the old submission site (hahahahaha, not likely)
- close EMG to new art indefinitely

I'm inclined to pick # 2 with the two-week window. I know folks are super eager to submit new work, and I hate to let them down entirely. It's also not good for business - fresh content = regular visitors.

Tough decision 3:


Subset: general site submissions.

The site's been in freeze since Aug 16. Aug 16!! That's four months. FOUR months. That's fine for a hobby site, but for a business? Crippling. No grief to Jennie on this - it's turned out to be an absolute PICKLE to code/import/iron out the new site. But staying frozen for that long is really, REALLY bad for business. I am still suffering major repercussions from the EMG site being down so long.

Now, anything that goes up at the old PA site while the new site is being worked on would have to be imported to the new site... meaning all those designs have to be essentially put up twice. And it is still a MAJOR hassle to update the old site. The artist pages are not updating. :( Jennie votes against putting any new work up on the old site, and her vote has serious weight. However, there is no eta right now for when the new site will be up. She's working on getting a job, and not only does a job search take time, I'd be much, much more of a fool than I am to think that actually HAVING a job will free up any time. It could be several more months. I cannot believe it can possible be LESS than a month at this point.

I am tempted to open up very limited general submissions - 1 per week per artist only. And do so ONLY with the understanding that they WILL have to resubmit the work once the new site was online and accepting the work. If they don't re-submit those designs (cause artists are loveable flakes and 75% of them will not remember/understand/read the FAQ and realize they have to do so...) then they are just out of luck at the new site.

Subset: membership.

Had a membership request from someone I am drooling to have as part of PA - she even said she had some portraits stashed away for me. AAhhhh! It kills me to put myself in their shoes - wanting to show off their work, but wanting to save it for PA, but not wanting to deal with a site that's been frozen for four months... Sticky stuff. I'd be tempted not to save them much longer, in her shoes.

So I'm tempted to open membership back open. It doesn't take that much time to set up new members. Okay, some, but not hours. Maybe 20 minutes per member. Less if I do a bunch at once. Even if I keep general submissions closed, they can be participating in SDs and getting cozy on the forums, even posting their work for critique/showoff in the private areas!

Downsides: having to explain two radically different submission methods to them in a possibly (tho' possibly not) short span of time. It's confusing.

Subset: Submitted Descriptions.

Tempted to open this up again, too... our best sales are through this service. However, we do have a lot of descriptions in the queue right now, and it's again something that has to be RE-DONE at the new site. I'm against re-doing things. For now, this is the least tempting of things to open up. The pro to opening it back up is - keeps interest in it. Folks see it, but it's closed, so they go away and don't come back. Coming back = sales, whether through the general site or the SDs. If it's open, people will USE it, and love it.


Things I am doing to hasten the new site - have ordered a php book and should be able to help Jennie with some stuff. Hopefully. Don't want to muck right in with the major things and confuse the issue with too many cooks. I will be doing EMG-Zine myself. And working on integrating the new shopping cart with EMG and later PA.

Now, I have sale t-shirts to post, and stickers, and some projects to compile to send to the printer along with a whiny 'why didn't you let me choooooose my shipping method?' complaint.

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