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Just inventoried all my shirts to put on sale - and that alone was a task and a half! 83 shirts, plus about 150 blank old-style shirts available for custom printing... I still have to type them and find their order pages and thumbnail them, so it might not happen until tomorrow. Maybe tonight if there's hockey on TV.

Got some emails answered this morning, and did my monthly to-do list. Tried to do those phone calls on my list and met busy signals or other complications each time. The Wish3 Vol 1 books were SUPPOSED to have shipped on Wed, but I haven't heard anything (like a shipping estimate, which I was supposed to get BEFORE they shipped so I could pick a method, yes?). They guy I need to talk to is out until Monday. Ergh.

Ursula's calendars will be coming up to me via priority mail, possibly even today. Maybe tomorrow. I *could* have them next week. I hope they aren't as crappy as I've convinced myself they might be... stupid perfectionist, nervous-about-everything streak. Still need to write an email to the company explaining the nature of my displeasure. Didn't want to write it while I was mad...

Experimenting more with Diva* - she didn't like the paper tray option for glossy paper, so we're trying the manual option for the first time. *crossing fingers*

Urgh... streaking. Spent too long this morning cleaning the other printer...

Going to have to rattle some heads here soon. A HUGE thank-you to you artists who put your art on-line and a huger thanks to those of you who've been linking to your pages. :) You get cookies!

*Diva is the Epson 4000 - a much deserved name... she throws temper tantrums at her whim and my greatest possible inconvenience.

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