Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

December's List

Okay, here we go...

Finish studio and move EMG in.
Finish building bookcase.
Code subscriber section of EMG-Zine (the rest can be done elsewise...)
Put up EMG-Zine for Jan 1 release... eek.
Call Calvin - today - phone tag!
Call Inner Peace - today
Mail LH check - today
Order from clearbags.com (ground shipping? do I dare?) - today
Keep on top of orders
Finish February articles for EMG-Zine
Verify that we can take submissions in Jan.
Buy Christmas presents for family
Girls gaming night = 10th.
Mail Christmas presents and cards (darn it!)
Cards for Jan
Maybe integrate osCommerce cart w/ EMG
Wyvern-rider commission (BEFORE Xmas)
CM commission (BEFORE Xmas)
One Ellen-for-herself day with dvds, woodstove, cat and cocoa
Wish3 package...
Post t-shirts and stickers - make page with thumbnails... announce to list. - today!!
Call KO productions - today!

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