Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Is it Christmas?

It FEELS like Christmas...

Yesterday I got a draft of the sweetest story from Whit - and I plan on indulging in writing on it later today. :) :)

I got paid LJ time from temarrea!! I can continue to plague you with polls and extra userpics!! *hugs* Thank you so much!!

I got lip gloss and a makeup bag from weilaya - who is, yes indeed, an angel! :)

I got a disc with the last chapter for the first print volume of Keepers of the Forest!

I've gotten about a dozen gorgeous phoenix pieces in my editors box for EMG-Zine! Ursula's February column about made me break a rib laughing...

I got happy emails from satisfied print service clients - ALWAYS a huge relief!

I got all my orders out yesterday (except for one!).

I blew my art budget on myself in one spot... doh! But, oh! The coolnes. I'll show it off once I get it...

Plus, I have a great husband, wonderful pets, great friends, a perfect life and snow tires on my car!

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