Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm tired and don't want to do any work. Someone come and do it all for me!


I'm not sure I've completely shaken that darn headache - it still feels sort of distantly achey, and not quite right. Wonder if I pulled something in my shoulders shovelling this weekend... but that was way back on Saturday, so it's unlikely. I haven't had any falls or memorable twists since then, though my back has been sort of fretting. Hopefully it will just go away soon.

I had some stories I was going to tell, but they've escaped me. You'll have to wait until my brain is behaving again!

I need a name for this guy...

He's a Kadanzer character I'm working on - and having the darnedest time writing on because he has no name! It should be a dragonrider's name (Z'zzz is what I've been using as a placeholder), and it shouldn't be TOO similar to an existing name. I've had to have someone else come up with my names since Resla... I adopted V'lar and G'nan, the name G'teris came from either Holly or Smitty, and Smitty came up with Zherra. I suck at names...

Here he is (altered significantly from a photo of Dean Cane... and yes, I like drawing feet):


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