Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art and other items of panic...

So, have some art!

Obviously for the Jan issue of EMG-Zine. I was going to jump in and ink this, but I'd rather try the nifty watercolor method that carmensylph just posted - who would have thought of inking after color! So I'm going to risk this piece (it's fairly small!) and try that method on it. Wish I'd done it on good watercolor paper, but it's just bristol. Oh well, I've done lots of watercolor on bristol.

Commission for Camilla, who is an angel!

I am about to spend more than $400 on a new EMG toy. >.< But, oh, it will be worth it!!

Also, in a very related note - disregard the size I gave you for the EMGtarot cards! They will be 2.5 x 3.5. Because that's what my new toy will punch... *glee* Additionally, that will be the new magnet and sticker size. The pricing on magnets and stickers may also be changing. This will save me SO much time. I like things that save me time. In an also related note - lemme know if anyone'd like some pre-cut ACEO paper - you know, already to size with corners rounded? *grins* Let me know what paper you want.

I also ordered some cool media samples, we'll see if they turn out well...

Now, I have three days left to accomplish a great deal more than I should be able to cram into three days. Wee!

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