Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

SO frustrated.

I swear, I'm ready to throw a temper tantrum - right down on the ground kicking and screaming.

I am back to NO functional printers.


The 1280 is streaking bad - and the 4000 is 'not responding.'

I got one print order out, but not the most important of them, and I'm just rrrr... ready to scream. What is up with this? I must have kicked puppies and drowned babies in a past life or something...


Also, my *replacement* order of transfer paper is not in. My shirts are not in. I have not had the heart or time to write to the calendar printers, and have not heard from the gal they were shipped to in California. (She's supposed to have a baby this weekend, so god knows when I'll get my calendars) The new shopping cart is not accepting credit cards the way it's supposed to be.

Tomorrow, I will find things to be thankful for. Tonight, I am feeling extremely ungrateful and frustrated and arrr! I just lost my Internet connection, so who knows if I will even be able to post my frustration...

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