Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Coding, coding...

Buried myself nose-deep in paypal's documentation about the pro merchant account, downloaded a new possible (but highly unlikely) php shopping cart (mostly to see what kind of output code it generates, because that's what I'll need to mimic to talk with paypal), and am playing with some .html files that I think I can re-organize to speak with a database instead of unweildy arrays. Interesting stuff, I tell you... but it makes my brain throb. Was very thrilled to find that I'll be able to take CC payments in person from now on. :)

Uncovering Atlantis got rejected from Epilogue... lack of contrast! Meh! There may be some truth there - and the web version does look washed out compared to the original. I wish the rejections were a little more in-depth and helpful - I can't wait for artgauntlet...

Working on some PA stuff - gotta get some of these submitted descriptions up and out! No new ones being accepted yet...

Then, into town for orders and sales and stuff...

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