Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Tired and discouraged and feeling VERY little red hen-ish.

Here's some stuff I need to do:

Call about Holly Days - waitlisted #7.
Call printer about calendar shipping fiasco and talk to manager
Email Jessica Galbreth about VOA book
Get bit about bazaar off EMG front page
Update deadlines for submitted descriptions
Learn php
Email O about Commissioned advertising
Print Service orders (3) and other orders (if supplies are in...)
Hassle company about transfers if they aren't in tomorrow morning
Gaming tomorrow evening - maybe cancelled? Waiting on replies...
Nephew at 2:40
Phoenix art for EMG-Zine
Start coding EMG-Zine
Post finished commission(s)
Finish putting up last 10 EMG designs and NAG artists about getting them online
Backup and reinstall windows on print server
Finish studio
Ink wyvern-rider commission
Settle Jan's account (I think I owe her cards!)
Inventory left-over, old-style t-shirts and do a sale - Friday after thanksgiving, of course!
Email Laura about KotF

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