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Had to CALL the printer about the calendar mis-shipment, because they still hadn't gotten back to me. But their number is in Florida, and their printer is in Toronto, so they had no idea what to do with me. Supposedly, I should get a call very soon here. *glaremutterglare* What a fiasco! Depending on how they treat this - ie: they'd better get it shipped to ME, and quickly, without any extra expense - I may need to find another printer for any future calendars. Frustrating!!

Bazaar this weekend was a little slow. We still did okay, just not super hot. Other vendors are lamenting the economy this year, and I'm noticing it in websales. (Plug EMG! Tell your friends to do their shopping there! I'm shameless!) Gave out a number of cards - I can hope some of them pay off. Lots of return customers raved about my stuff, which was marvelous for my ego.

Still considering WorldCon this year. The way the timing and placement is this year, we could hit WorldCon, and then fly to Atlanta, stay with Melissa for the week, and then be at DragonCon without having to pay to get out of Alaska more than once. (It's actually usually cheaper to fly to Germany out of Alaskan than to the lower 48...) It would be expensive. I don't know if I can afford it; it could pay off in spades, or it could be a big useless money sink.

Got two general PA pieces finished this weekend, and two commissions done last week. Have another one to work on today, and some print service orders to fill. Only three days in this week - I want to get some coding learned, and some artwork done, and some orders filled (please, PLEASE let the t-shirts and transfer paper come QUICKLY) and emails answered (slog slog slog) and I have GOT to clean this disaster up. I hate hate hate having two offices - I never have what I need! Everything takes twice as long as it ought - I have to commute about an hour, and I hate lugging my laptop around without a decent case. (And I have to lug the laptop because the stupid desktop won't drive the 1280, which I need to print cards and transfers and magnets and stickers.) Gah. Rar!

My end note for the entry has to be a huge thank you and hug for all of you guys. Thanks for being you. :) You really make all these hassles and trials worthwhile.

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