Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I need Christmas cash and I have no pride...

I'm selling off a whole lot of originals! I didn't want the bother of listing them on eBay to sell them at some stupid minimum bid, or even my site (some of them are older...) so I set up a directory here: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/originalsale/

It's broken into categories, and there's some stuff there that I'm not sure I've ever posted. Maybe in my LJ, briefly, but not in any galleries.

All the info for the pieces are in the file names - unless otherwise mentioned, the pieces are between 8.5 x 11 and 9 x 12. Some of them are matted already. Matting is available on any of them (very reasonable prices!). Prints are available of just about any of them if you don't want to spring for an original. The price is the last bit, in US dollars. Shipping is actual cost - you can combine it if you get more than one. If you have trouble seeing the full filename because your browser cuts it off, click on the picture, right-click, and select properties. That ought to give you the full filename (though you may have to expand the properties window, depending on your program). Almost all of the black and white pieces are available with custom coloring (at appropriate extra cost). No rights are transfered with the purchase of an original. Email to hold a piece and get payment info (ellen AT ellenmilliongraphics.com).

Some of them are cheap 'cause I hate them, some of them are expensive 'cause I can't bear to part with them, some of them are waaaay underpriced for the work I put into them, some of them are probably overpriced for my skill. I priced them at what I could stand to part with them for.

If there's anything NOT up here that you've been eying with interest, lemme know. If nothing else, enjoy browsing some lesser-seen artwork. If you have any comments, please leave 'em! I love comments! I just suck at answering them...

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