Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Dispelling a myth

Myth 1.

Ellen doesn't sleep.

I think that when people picture me with my projects, they have this image of a squirrel, up late, sucking down cups of coffee and bouncing out of bed after just a few hours of napping, sort of hyper and chattery.

This is SO not me.

I don't like squirrels. They are my nemesis. They have eaten all of my birdfeeders, chewed up more than one important item, and pooped on my stuff. They are furry little terrors and I have taken more than one down with a slingshot. Also, they are masters at looking unbelievably cute until you point a camera at them.

I do drink coffee, but not generally after noon.

I sleep at least 8 hours every day. Like clockwork. My gaming buddies make fun of me for being the first to bag out every night, but man, I gotta be in bed about 10 or I'm just USELESS. Maybe I'm a weenie, and not nearly the tough gal I make myself out to be, but I gotta get my sleep. Sleep comes first. Everything in my life is scheduled around sleep. I'm unbelievably grumpy is I lose out on sleep, and a grumpy Ellen is not a pretty sight. I do sleep in sometimes, so I guess I'm not entirely a creature of the clock, but I gotta have my sleep to function at full capacity. I've tried all-nighters and late-nighters before, but the quality of the output is such crap, I should never bother.

I don't have more hours in the day than anyone else! I guarantee you that now that I've ditched the day job, I work FAR less than any given mother. At 5 or 6 - maybe 7 on an extremely busy day - I shut my computer down, boot any troubles of the day out of my head, and unwind with my husband. Evenings are sheer bliss. I rarely even draw - just have a glass of wine, do the dishes, talk about my day, gripe about whatever's worth griping about, make dinner with Jake (he does most of it - but I can chop stuff!), eat, watch a DVD, maybe build on the house...

I love my live. *blissful sigh*

But I digress - my point is - you don't NEED to give up sleep to get stuff done. You just do it. When I start working, I generally power through like a football player - but when the whistle blows, I'm done!

Also, I'm quiet. I chatter FAR more here than I ever would outloud, as anyone who's met me will attest. I'm so quiet Jennie has to make little chittering noises to fill up all the empty space I leave. :P

(Who's really the squirrel?)

I don't know what animal I would be - I have trouble with that one.

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