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I have a day off! I have bazaars both days this weekend, and worked my butt off the last couple of weekends, too, so I declared today a freeday. Ha! I have to go into town for a few things (Rats!) but am otherwise planning to sketch at will, watch DVDs and enjoy a day OFF.

Yesterday was not terrible - it was not good and I was FAR more blonde than usual (insert cursing over missing files here), but still, it was not terrible. We got a lot made for the bazaars this weekend, except shirts, 'cause my transfer paper is STILL not here. The company is re-sending the order.

It helped my day that I made a trip out to North Pole and made a tremendous sale to Inner Peace - she bought about a third of the t-shirts leftover from DragonCon, all the remaining Atlantis books, all the Fairy Court calendars (and she wants 5 more copies), and two mirrors.


She also wants me and Jennie out there to do a meet the artist thang in December some time. And she talked about commissioning me to do some murals in her new store.


I got two commissions finished this week, and I've got some more I'd like to tackle. Perhaps the muse will be with me today. If not, oh well. Jake's making noises about painting a mural behind the woodstove - something with lots of color. The masochist in me is contemplating a flock of butterflies rising out of the corner. Or big curl-headed ferns. I thought about a palm tree and jungle foliage coming out of the corner and stretching up onto the ceiling, too, so you're looking up through leaves...

Alright, I want to go do my running around early so I can beat the crowds and come back. Maybe I'll have wine with my lunch. What a lush!


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Nov. 16th, 2005 06:53 pm (UTC)
Yay for a day off! A flock of butterflies would be headache to paint, but would be oh so beautiful. I remember when there were a bunch of butterflies migrating through Davis. It was magical.
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