Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some announcments...

First, my darling husband secured himself an advancement! He's gone from lowest peon engineering assistant to a manager in an office with a window in less than five years at DOT! Go Jake! :)

Second, ArtGauntlet now has a home and a forum - I have very high expectations for this new site, and not just 'cause I'll be supplying the printing services. :)

Third, I'm making my tarot project unofficially public... it doesn't have a site yet, or much structure, 'cause that energy is going into EMG-Zine for a January release, but I want folks to have an opportunity to get started anyway. Have you ever wanted to do a tarot deck, but been utterly daunted by the number of cards and the commitment? And what on *earth* would you do with the designs once you were done? Have you ever found a tarot deck that was *close* to what you wanted, but just not quite right? Do you have particular associations or connections to particular cards? Ever wished you could buy just one? Or five? Enter EMG Tarot!

Each card will be handmade to order, and you'll get to choose from hundreds of designs. Custom-make your own deck, one card at a time, or all at once. You can have Ursula's wombats mixed up with Christine's vampires and Jenny's pin-up dragon girls. Anything you can imagine! Stick to a traditional deck (we're using the very old Mersailles deck as 'traditional,' NOT the rider-waite deck) or enjoy some artists' unique interpretations. When you log into the site, you'll be able to keep tabs on what you've ordered, and where the holes in your deck are. Doesn't it sound like a blast? :) I wanted artists in particular to start thinking about this - the site won't go up until the middle of next year, probably, but it's coming!!

I love projects. :)

Edit: the useful bit that I sort of forgot to mention earlier - work for a 3 x 5 (inch) card, or scale up to a 6 x 10 image that can also be made available as prints!

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