Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Veteran's Day!

Yesterday was busy - I only dropped online once to make sure nothing was going terribly wrong, and spent the rest of the day building.

We put up Norway's run - he has about 200 feet of run now, out in the woods, but in a sparse enough area that he has to try to get tangled up. He doesn't particularly like it, and will spend most of his time sitting at the far edge of the run looking mournfully at the house, but it's sure a lot better than the short little lead on a tree, and it kept him from being underfoot while we took the house apart again.

We're working on closets - a real, finished place for our clothing! And it's SO much prettier than the ugly vaper barrier over insulation we've been staring at for so long. There's wood panelling in the back, brick panelling to the side on my side, and birch tongue and groove on the platform. There's one white cabinet with doors in the center, and hanging space and shelves (not quite finished) - a sensible use of the space. I'm pleased. A little sore, from all the work, but oh well! Progress!

We also cleaned the house - swept and did all the dishes, and pulled everything out of the will-be-bathroom to consolidate it into boxes. It had turned into a disaster area. Didn't know where to put something? Toss it in the bathroom! Now, you can actually find what IS in the bathroom. Very nice.

Woke up this morning to a slight swimming pool in the kitchen - the water jug had developed a leak and dripped about a gallon all over the floor under the table. Oops.

Now, some orders, a girls afternoon at the museum and pizza shop, some cullinary delight from the husband tonight, and tomorrow we tackle the studio for a few hours!

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