Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Coming together...

Things are coming together! I could wish they'd done so earlier in the year, but oh well.

My invoicing program has been fixed, and now will handle PA and Print Services! YAY!

I am down to 15 remaining EMG designs in the queue that I have handy files for. I need to scare up some of these that I know I have, and nag folks for the ones I don't have, but horray for that much! My list has been significantly pared down, that's for sure.

The new PA site is open for artists now... and looks *fabulous*. If you are a PA artist and you haven't checked it out, you are slacking and I will beat you with wet noodles. Just like the EMG designs, your work won't go on-line until you have checked your pieces and set them online.

I moved all my Epilogue articles over to my own site and removed Epilogue from my links. I had linked to it as an example of a profession site that I could be juried into, but I detest their advertising and am getting disgusted with their management, so they don't need to benefit of the traffic I'm getting. I don't consider it a flattering link anymore. I need to check the date that the Work for Hire article went up, though I could cry 'breach of contract' and just post it to my site anyway. I have been sorely, sorely tempted to ask them to remove all my articles on those grounds, but I like the idea that people who need them may find them there.

Velcro's been clingy this morning, and my butt is falling asleep. Very much need to take Norway for a long walk.

Tomorrow's a holiday! Yay!

Now, to futz with EMG-Zine...
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