Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


On-track to have all the EMG designs from the queue up by the end of this week! Horrah! Then, it will be searching for missing files time. Whee...

Gaming last night was a blast - it almost always is. :) I also got most of a commission finished while my character was lying unconscious in the back of a truck. :P That makes... um... four that I need to be working on. This afternoon, that's what I plan to do. After orders. And maybe a trip to North Pole. And maybe otherstuff...

*Wails* My updates aren't up at Fairy Court yet!

Also, my transfer paper isn't in yet, and that's making me VERY grumpy.

My birdfeeder and halloween decorations did finally come in! Too bad the bird-feeder is broken... :( :( I think I can fix it, though - just need to solder a few joints back together. I think Melody has a solder gun, and she knows about stained glass. It is the most *gorgeous* birdfeeder - stained glass and copper with leaves and dragonflies. And because it is copper (er, painted tin, I think, actually...), the squirrel can't chew it up!

Very intriqued by the lastest thread at the Epilogue forums, and VERY curious to see how management approaches it. If they don't ignore it entirely.

Emg-Zine stuff will be my main tackle tomorrow - have GOT to get moving for a Jan 1 release!!! First step, public forums, second, submissions stuff - still waffling over separate email, and gravely tempted...

Last of Ursula's files re-uploading... they claim they've gotten the others.

SO sick of having two offices - I NEVER have what I need, and I've burnt like sixteen unnecessary discs carrying files back and forth. I need a decent case for my laptop - I'm using a mis-sized briefcase from Sears from the 60s, and it just sucks. And I have to carry it into town with me every few days because the 1280 still doesn't run off my server machine. Need to get working on those archives so I can install XP... Blah!

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