Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


They LOST Ursula's calendar files! And are giving me grief about putting my job number in the file name, WHICH I DID. Those hosers. That's going to take me hours... and this throws my production schedule all off. RARGH.

Also.... I can't believe you folks in Art and World of Faery, etc didn't get royalties for that! What a crock! Someone's making money off of that...

My books will always pay royalties. Piddly, teensy ones, probably, until I take over the world, but at LEAST something. Sheesh.

Also, my email is timing out. Urgh. Time to go start dishes, have lunch, watch an episode of Forever Knight, do art, have an EMG meeting, go into town, fill orders, take a shower, do a load of Jake's laundry....

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