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The last post, I think, was as much for me as anyone. I want people to pick up their copies of VOA and smile, not wince and think about all the horrid drama of the last few weeks. And I feel much better now. :)

I am way, way overdue for a November to-do list. Way overdue.

Probably, I didn't want to think about it. Also, I was holding onto shreds of hope about doing NaNo.


This week:

Orders (yeah, yeah...), also 2 PA adoptions!
Put up 50 EMG designs.
Finish coloring commission
Ink wyvern-rider commission
Get studio prepped for building again this weekend.
Find Calvin's phone number!!!!! (and call it...)
Call Inner Peace
Bug the printers of Ursula's calendar. Gah...
Settle Jan's account (I think I owe her cards!)
Write a chapter of Jenny/Bjorn
Get submission process for EMG-Zine ironed out so folks can start sending in.
Get girls arranged to go to the Impressionist show at the museum this weekend.
Work on emails. (at 100 even!)
Add link to the main page that are more obvious for clicking through to storefront.

This month:

Finish wyvern-rider commission
Four chapters of Jenny/Bjorn. (It's not NaNo, but it's not nothing...)
Finish two pieces for Camilla
Inventory left-over, old-style t-shirts and do a sale.
Beg people to order... er, I mean, do some advertising.
Finish putting up all EMG designs in the queue that I have files for.
Send emails about files I don't have.
Follow-up on the weirdo PA portraits that aren't importing right/have funky settings.

I'll probably have more to add to this list after brainstorming with Jennie this morning.

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