Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Day 1!

Day at the bazaar went very well. I was a little worried - I was disallowed this year for the first time from carrying anyone else's art, except for Jennie's, because we were splitting the table and she'd actually be there. I'm used to selling mostly other people's designs (Ursula's and Marilyn's in a large number), and worried that sales this year would be pretty piddly because of that. But I'm feeling the love now - as much or more in sales than any other year, and so many head-turning compliments. Lots of people remembered my work from Gulliver's, and we sold out of LOTS of the popular cards and magnets and stickers. My transfer paper hasn't come in, so we were down to one mousepad in the first ten minutes. The 5x7 matted pieces sold entirely out. The 8 x 10 matteds almost sold out. I sold out of Northern Lights and Dragonsled bookmarks by mid-afternoon.

I also got to wander a little, since this was the first year I've actually had someone helping me. And Catie came by on her way to Ireland (sort of...) and got to see the Angles sketch (which photographs HORRIBLY) and we caught up and didn't spend money. (What she bought doesn't count as spending money, because it was for someone else. She liked that logic very much...)

Busy, busy!!

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